The name Dinosaur Burps may be a new one to you, but there’s some history behind it. For years, witty microphone impresario B-Rude had a strong movement going with his longtime friend and rapping partner, Meuwl. The two performed and recorded together under the name Rabble Rousers, and in 2009 they released their album Tastes Like Crazy. Shortly after that, tragedy struck. Meuwl passed away at a very young age, leaving a void that couldn’t be filled. Instead of continuing under the Rabble Rousers moniker, B-Rude teamed up with his friend DJ Sqweezle and began going by the alias you see in the title above. The duo recently released their debut album, Mother Nature Wants You Dead, available at dayonemedia.bandcamp.com and the shelves of select retailers around their hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. To accompany the avant-garde LP release, the Burps have just unveiled their first official music video. With a title like “Oddney Strangerfield (Lungbutter),” you can expect to hear and see bits of humor and debauchery in the clip. Press play above to get a glimpse into a normal day-in-the-life of Dinosaur Burps, complete with scenes of B-Rude rapping at his cat while lounging in a Snuggie, starting up a ’90s Toyota with a pair of pliers, and hanging out at a dive bar where he drinks, performs, eats steak on a paper plate, and eventually gets thrown out onto the sidewalk.

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