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Video: Catch Us on Viceland’s New Show The Business Of Life, Episode 5

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Last year, Biz and I had the chance to attend a live taping of Viceland’s new show The Business of Life hosted by Mona Chalabi. The show features three guest panelists talking about a specific topic on each episode including Dating, Aging, Music and more. The show we appeared on was dedicated to The Business of Travel and I learned way more than I expected. Did you know when your searching for a flight and you see one you may like, if you go back an hour later, the price will be higher. Algorithms, my friend, algorithms. If it sounds like I’m speaking a strange language, then you need to see this episode.

If you travel, fly, book flights or are in the process of planning a vacation, this episode will help you book it cheaper, better and with more perks. Trust me, you will learn just as much as I did. Take a look at the trailer for Episode 5 f The Business of Life below and watch the full show here.