Video: Broad Day ‘F Me’ – @BroadDay


Do yourself a favor and fly yourself out to Los Angeles and meet up with L.A. native emcee Broad Day. The latest video for his erotic and sensually aggressive single “F*ck Me” (Produced by VDay) will guarantee that if he doesn’t offer a memorable time in his city, his homegirls will. The visual features the sexy Raelyn “Inez”, a well-known skillful dancer at the legendary Ace Of Diamonds L.A.

With those kind of connections you can bet your top dollar “F*ck Me” will make you want to club hop the Hollywood strip, as his homegirls over at AOD’s show you a “good time”. Be sure to listen for the “deeper meaning” because according to Broad, frequenting strip clubs has unfortunately got him caught up in some ‘isn: ‘This record was personal. I spent a lot of time in the strip club over the past couple years dealing with several dancers on different levels. If your familiar with LA you know that everything happens in the clubs…This song was a compilation of all my experiences.’ – Broad Day