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The @NBA Verdict on Donald Sterling Plus Comments and Reactions

Adam Silver

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver was very stern in todays’ Press Conference to address Donald Sterling and his comments. Mr. Sterling has been BANNED, for life and fined the maximun league penalty of $2.5 million which will be donated to a number of anti-discrimination charities and organizations.

The league will now force a sale of the LA Clippers, needing a three-quarter majority vote from the other 29 NBA owners and Adam Silver already has all the votes. Meaning they want him completely out, selling the team and all. Does that mean his family members who currently are employed by the Clippers get fired too?

Check out the video below which shows Adam Silver delivering the ruling:

After the ruling, almost everyone from Magic Johnson and Diddy had some type of reaction speaking out with comments. Some even expressed interest in buying the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling. Check out what some people had to say about the final verdict.

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