1. First off Supe thanks for the interview and how are you feeling today?

A: thanks for having me. I’m blessed man. No complaints at all!

2. For those who may not know of you what is your passion in this music industry?

A: well I’m still blown away that my work&passion in LIFE is identical. I am a multi-genre music producer,songwriter&musician. I’ve been in the game for 18yrs and I’m still addicted to making hit records without losing an ounce of that original drive. I’ve been favored to still be relevant&in demand. Nothing is taken for granted. Making more room for more plaques!

3. You have worked along side Artist such as Puff Daddy, Nas & Kanye West how did these relationships come about?

A: actually those are some of the artists that I’ve been a musician for. My 1st love is the drums&ive never let that go regardless of how busy I got. But my heart is production&im proud to have contributed to several notorious artists projects. To name a few: mary j. Blige, jennifer hudson, raheem devaugn, faith hill, angie stone, kirk franklin&the list goes on. God is good!

4. Since you produce for multiple genres, What music do you find yourself listening to on your free time?

A: man it all depends on the kinda day I’m having. Between me&u all real musicians are moody so it aint no telling! It could go from Dr. Dre’s chronic albums to ceelo to al green to kim burrell to paramore in a half hour. No exaggeration.

5. You have won a Grammy! What was the feeling when you first found out about the award?

A: surreal is all I can say. Even now, I have to be reminded at times. I remember getting a call from my manager at the time&he was busting my chops for getting 2 lucky grammy’s. It was for working on donnie mcclurklins album. Gospel, my roots!! That’s wassup. A true humbling yet gratifying experience. I work hard!

6. Since you have already accomplished many major goals, name a few new goals you have set for yourself.

A: I’m embracing the fact the I’m going to do EVERYTHING that haven’t done yet! I’m going to own my own “legitimate” label. I’m going to own my own clothing line. Right now I’m working on my newly aquired artist&im going to be the executive producer of that on a major label. And hopefully I can remain behind the scenes in the whole process

7. Tell us one thing we might not know about you already.

A: I don’t know man. Here’s 2 things just for you. 1:I’m about to be a pro bowler if I get my mind right and I’m so serious. And 2:I trust GOD in all situations

8. Any Shout Outs?

A: Suped Up Entertainment, Inc. & you for thinking enough of the kid to be interested in my career. That is all.

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