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Stevie Harts Inside the Studio | @StevieHearts

Stevie Harts Inside the Studio | @StevieHearts

We were able to catch up with the gifted Stevie Harts in the studio; Son of Steve Russell (Lead singer of the R&B Group Troop). We were fortunately to  sit in on a session with him and his sister Teyonie who is exceptionally talented as well. Stevie was kind enough to let us take up some of his studio time to do an interview with him. We love his music and personality. Check out the interview below and some of his music.

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At what age did you become musically influenced? Or do you feel music has always been a part of you?

At the age of 2 I was being told I was going to be a star. It’s always been a part of me.

How was life growing up with your father, Troop Legend, Steve Russell Harts?

It was pretty cool; I didn’t really know who Troop was. I knew they were a group however it was normal because that’s what my father did [as a profession]. I knew I had special treatment in the ghetto because of who my daddy was. All of the kids, parents, school teachers… I was in the ghetto and my father was a celebrity.

How is your relationship with your father today?

It’s cool, it’s really cool. Now it’s more of a business relationship. It’s amazing. There are certain things i would never know or understand if I didn’t have a father. There a certain things I am going thru I wouldn’t know how to get thru it if I didn’t have a father.

When did you first decide you wanted to get into the music industry?

When I came home from my first year of college and saw my sister had a Lady Gaga plaque and that really changed my idea of what I want to do. Like she’s doing music, she’s accomplishing things in the business, and I want to too. She started taking me to sessions and I was naturally good at writing songs.

Who are a few of your favorite artists that inspire you?

Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Kanye West, J Electronica, Michael Jackson, Heatwave

I am thankful for my exposure. That’s the one great thing of having a dad in the business, my exposure to music is crazy. I know songs that people of my generation don’t. I have a Rolodex so I can always can refer to

 If I were to look through your music library, what embarrassing songs would I find?

There’s a song called, “Smell Your Dick” by Risque

What genre of music do you most hate to listen to? WHY?

I would say metal because it doesn’t make me feel good. I do like rock and roll and alternative rock but metal!? Shit but I am going to get a huge leather jacket with a studded heart on it. I only like the fashion?

Do you write for other people and if so who?

Yes, I have written songs for Tyrese, my writing team has written for Trey Songz. I recently wrote a Christmas song for Troop. I’ve written millions of songs that don’t have a home yet.

Should we be expecting an album from you soon? If so, what is the title going to be?

Not an album, expect a composition from Stevie Harts called the Appetizer.