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News: XXL Magazine Ends Print Decides To Go Completely Digital


After almost two decades of the print edition of XXL magazine, the company now owned by Townsquare Media has decided to go completely digital. They will no longer print the issues of the magazine, rather offer online viewing via their website.

‘We think XXL has strong potential in both the digital and live events market.’ -Bill Wilson, Chief Content Officer of Townsquare Media

‘We incubated something digitally, but the Townsquare people can take it to the next level with their digital expertise. I don’t think it is a cost-cutting thing. I think it is an opportunity for Townsquare to do more with XXL.’ -Ben Harris, President of Harris Publications

Not only has XXL ended their print run, but last month VIBE Magazine also ended theirs also. Make sure to pick up your copy of the last print issue for October/November of the XXL Magazine, which drops soon.