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News: Will Any Artist Go Platinum in 2014?


This year has been a tough one in the music industry world. The year is almost over and not one artist has gone platinum with their album which equates to a million in sales. The only album to hit the platinum status was the movie soundtrack to Frozen which had 3.12 million in sales.

The best selling albums this year are Beyonce’s self titled album with 776,000 scans, followed by Lorde’s Pure Heroine, with 754,000 units. Those album were not even released this year rather the year before. As far as singles go, Pharrell Wiliams’ “Happy,” is the best-selling track this year with 6.2 million scans followed by John Legend’s “All of Me,” with 4.4 million scans and Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J, with 4.3 million scans.

Some are saying that Taylor Swift may break the streak with a new album due out this 4th quarter. Kanye West also has a project coming out, will he be the first to hit platinum status for 2014? Time will only tell, but many have weighed in on the situation.

A$AP Yams recently said this year was the worst year in rap history. Irv Gotti added his perspective saying to MTV:

“The business of music is OVER! Not 1 Album that has come out in 2014 is gonna be certified Platinum. That’s f–king crazy. Now don’t get me wrong. An artist can still come out and make some money. Doing shows. But for me. A label owner. And a Producer. My money was largely based on record sales. Which there isn’t any. Anymore.

“I used to charge 250k for 1 beat, yessss my n—as. 250k for 1 beat. The budgets where so big and labels knew I would deliver a hit to sell there albums. So it all made sense. Then I had a crazy producer agreement where I would make money off of record 1 sold. With no recoupment of the 250k. So basically. All those records you heard with me whispering murder inc. And they was going #1. Oh. I was getting it. Majorly.

Fast forward to a few years ago. I’m doing a song for a platinum selling artist. I finish the record cause they asked me to do it. All they had was f–king 10k. I was like. Is this a joke. So this explains when people ask me to do music again. Which I love with a passion. But I need money for my genius.

Technology and the world has flipped and turned its back on the music biz, they feel music should be free now. Look at U2. One of the biggest bands. They gave away there album on iTunes. Gave it away. But there good. They probably charged iTunes a fee for that. And now with the album for free. They will go on a world tour and make millions. But what about the label. And the producers. What do they get? Where is there royalty off of a free album. It’s f–ked up.

And the government won’t step in and help this business. Why? They hate us. The music biz. Hip hop I. General has changed and altered more good n—az lives than anything else. They think we are all drug dealers. Hustlers. Pimps. They could care less. If his happened to the TV or Movie Industry. Best believe they will fix it. Not music. You think they like seeing Bobby Schmurda get f–king money? Nah. Slow us down. #pissed”Irv Gotti

We will see with two months left whether an artist changes the platinum curse of 2014!

via Forbes