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News: What’s Going On in #Ferguson, MO (Videos + Photos)

Michael Brown

On Saturday, an 18-year old African American teen named Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Police said the shooting followed an encounter involving a police officer, Brown and another person Saturday afternoon, but additional confirmed details are scarce. Since the shooting, there have been large community protests including police standoff and riots.

The FBI has launched an investigation, but federal authorities will also monitor an investigation being carried out by local police. The video below shows the mom of the slain teen speaking out at the local news conference. The Brown family has hired Benjamin Crump, the same attorney who represented Trayvon Martin. The area in Ferguson, Mo where the incident took place has now turned into a war zone. Update: The way things are currently being handled down there seems very questionable. We are all waiting for the government including President Obama to chime in, which he did today. You can see the video with his response below.

Mom of Michael Brown Speaks

The recent social media coverage shows protests, riots and more occuring in Ferguson, MO as the local media and news crews have been forced out of the are by police.

Social Media Reports

Police Standoff in Ferguson

This incident has led many to question the safety and security of our young and innocent minorities all over the world. Michael Brown was shot multiple times — more than just a couple times. on The street nearby, all shell casings matched the officer’s gun. It’s not known yet why the officer shot him, nor why lethal force was used. Take a look at some more images caught in the last few days.

Ferguson Old Woman Protestor

Ferguson Police

Ferguson Protestor Tear Gas

Ferguson Protests

Ferguson Scott Olsen Hands Up

Ferguson Scott Olsen

Ferguson Swat

Check out the video below where the President addressed the issue:

President Obama Addresses Michael Brown Slaying

Photos & Video By: Scott Olsen, Antonio French, The Washington Post, The NY Times