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News: Universal Stopping Streaming ‘Exclusives’ after Frank Ocean Album Release

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Frank Ocean’s recently released Blonde LP may be the last exclusively streamed album from Universal Music Group ever. The CEO of the company, Lucian Grainge ordered the companies labels to stop entering into exclusivity deals with streaming services. He sent out an email which included 2015’s 10 best-selling albums and 38.5% of the year’s recorded-music sales. He believes streaming services diminish rather than enhance the way music is distributed and consumed.

The new rules will affect numerous artists from Kendrik Lamar and The Weeknd to Taylor Swift and others. Many industry insiders believe making exclusive distribution deals is anti-competitive and harms the consumer and the artist. Bob Lefsetz, author of an influential music industry newsletter had this to say:

‘Shame on you Frank, and shame on everybody else who takes money from Apple and screws fans. There’s enough money in music without taking every last buck, and the joke is on you, for thinking so short term, you want your music available to everybody, because in these days of information overload we need nobody, everybody is superfluous, you don’t want to enter the marketplace with one hand tied behind your back.’

I think Bob definitely has a great point!

via The Guardian