News: Tyler The Creater To Start His Own Television Network

Tyler The Creator

If you thought Tyler The Creator was crazy before, expect the entertainment to go up 100 notches. Sources say he has inked a deal to create his very own television network. Now, we’re not talking a TV show, but rather a complete network of Tylervision. A former ABC and Yahoo executive Lloyd Braun is currently working with his Tyler through his new company, Whalerock. The network is said to be launching in June 2015 and will charge a subscription fee to access a mix of both exclusive and licensed content. Read more below.

Read more below…

Tyler’s channel is the first of several that Whalerock will launch this year. Others include individual channels for each of the Kardashian sisters and a network for radio personality Howard Stern.

“These are not fan clubs,” Braun said during Code/Media.

Braun founded Whalerock as BermanBraun but rebranded the company after he bought out his former partner Gail Berman last year. He said he plans to create as many as 12 channels for performers or brands in the next three years. In the future, those channels could be bundled together and distributed via cable or over-the-top platforms such as AppleTV.

“The most important thing for us to do is to really focus on the ones that we have and make them great,” Braun said.

Whalerock will handle ad sales, design, technology infrastructure for e-commerce and other features, video production and marketing. Okonma says that’s part of the appeal of working with Whalerock. “It’s my vision,” he said, adding that Braun will handle the behind-the-scenes work for him. “He’s still there to deal with the stuff I don’t want to deal with. I get to be the creative guy.”