News: Suge Knight Charged with Murder in Fatal Hit & Run in LA


Suge Knight was already out on bail in a robbery case and his luck got even worse today. The LA County District Attorney’s Office announce yesterday that Suge Knight will be charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder in the hit & run incident last week. The incident happened last Thursday on the set of the biopic for the NWA movie. Sources say Suge ran over a man he had been arguing with and then reversed back over him, killing 55-year-old Terry Carter on the scene. He also ran over another man who survived his injuries.

Suge Knight surrendered to authorities on Friday morning and his $2 million bail was revoked as he was considered a flight risk and may be known to intimidate witnesses. He is currently being held without bail and was arraigned today which could lead to Suge spending life in prison. More details to come……