News: RZA Unveils Azealia Banks Attacked Russell Crowe


A few days ago it was reported that Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks were involved in an altercation resulting in Banks getting tossed out of a hotel room. Russell claims Banks made deathly threats while Banks says Russell called her a ‘n*gger,’ spit on her and choked her.

It all went down at Russell’s Beverly Hills Hotel Room where RZA was a guest also bringing along Azealia. A witness says it started when Banks laughed at Russell’s choice of music calling them ‘boring white men.’ A guest then came to his defense telling Banks to ‘pipe down.’

Instead, Banks began yelling, ‘You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.’ She continued, even yelling n*gger, while the crowd remained calm. That’s when sources say she grabbed a glass and began waving it when Russell had enough, grabbed her and escorted her out of the room. Azealia recalled a different set of events, but RZA who was a witness to it all called into TMZ today to state the truth of what really happened. He said Banks was indeed the aggressor, attacking Russell. He also says Russell did spit at her but it did not land on her.

We thought it was strange when she announced she was signed to RZA’s label but RZA even stated he had not signed Azealia Banks as posted on her Facebook page a few weeks ago. But does say he was simply helping her find a deal.


Azealia says RZA did not defend her in the Russell Crowe incident and she is cutting off all ties to him. smh!