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CEO of Wealth Nation, Robert Terell

Robert Terell, CEO of Wealth Nation

With the music industry closing in on itself, major labels downsizing and beginning to specialize on specific styles and genres of music, it has become more imperative for artists and labels to have a champion well versed in the “New Music Industry.”  Robert Terell and his new venture, Wealth Nation Entertainment, is rising to the top as the next “behind the scenes mastermind,” earning him the moniker ‘The Deal Maker.”

Robert Terell is a serial entrepreneur, whose areas of expertise include brand development, personal finance and business management.  Terell has more than 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry including; business management, A&R, international marketing and deal negotiation.  He currently holds the position of A&R Director and Project Manager with IMG Recordings, which is distributed via Warner Brothers, Sony, EMI and Universal Music Group.

Via his company Wealth Nation Entertainment, Terell has recently orchestrated major distribution deals via Universal Music Group/INgrooves/Fontana for his client roster, which includes both independent artists and re-emerging national acts.  Most recently, he negotiated a multi-album deal with IMG/Warner Brothers for Soul For Real, the Hip Hop/R&B act founded by the legendary Heavy D.

Regarding what prompted him to venture into artist management and development, Terell says, “I’m an underdog kinda guy and I’ve always worked with Independent Artist’s that were striving in the game. I study the industry…Since the industry is largely comprised of more “Independent Artist’s” than anything else…I saw that as my niche market to focus my efforts and resources, I wanted to figure out as many possible creative ways to help them blow up and get to their next level by providing them with solutions, resources, avenues, etc. to help them make progress in the industry. So that became my plight.”

Navigating the new dynamic of the music industry, specifically the ever-present “All Inclusive” or “360 Deal,” insight and guidance from seasoned industry veterans to artists and labels with burgeoning careers and businesses is ever more important.  Terell, leverages his knowledge, experience and business acumen to specialize in deal structuring, publishing, licensing, merchandising, major label distribution and marketing to represent and protect the needs of his clientele.

With his years of experience in the industry, Terell is also quickly becoming sought after as a subject matter expert in business, financial strategy and entrepreneurship.  His position as a champion for many emerging celebrity talents and entertainment professionals affected by their lack of business and financial management skills has placed him in a growing state of high regard by his peers.

About Wealth Nation

Wealth Nation is a multi-faceted business, entertainment and brand management company founded by thought leader, President/CEO Robert Terell aka “The Dealmaker” and longtime friend and business partner, VP of Operations and Marketing, Jeral Jones aka “DJ Jaime O.”  Wealth Nation’s primary focus is to translate talent into major brands from a business and market viability perspective.

Wealth Nation creates situations strategically, methodically and effectively by skillfully planning and executing well thought out action plans leading to their client’s success.

Just in time to lead the next evolution of the music industry, Robert Terell and Wealth Nation appear to be moving toward the head of the table, as the industry shuffles and repositions itself heading into the future.