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News: Protests in St. Louis After Teen Is Shot And Killed By Police

Protests St. Louis

After dealing with the recent incident with the shooting of Mike Brown, we are now in the midst of dealing with another tradegy. The citizens of St. Louis are taking to the streets to protest the death of another young african american male by the name of Vonderrit Myers.

Yesterday, October 8th, the 18 year old teenager was shot and killed Shaw area of St. Louis by an off-duty police officer. It was reported that the teen had been accused of firing shots from a handgun before the officer returned 17 shots from his weapon. The teen was struck 3 times before passing away and police are also saying a 9mm gun was found near the scene. However, Tyrone’s family members have a different story. The teens uncle had this to say:

‘All I know is he came out the store with a sandwich. Next thing, he’s shot several times by a cop who was chasing someone else. He was unarmed, he had a sandwich in his hand and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.’ -Jacki Williams, aunt of teen

Vonderrit Myers

The shooting is now under investigation and more details will follow…..

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