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News: Offset Released After Being Arrested For Suspended License

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Offset, 1/3 of The rap group Migos was arrested Thursday for driving on a suspended license. Well, it turns out the arrest was a bit of a mistake due to a mix-up with a parking ticket.

The police pulled Offset over because of his tints being very dark, but soon found out he had a outstanding warrant for his arrest due to failing to pay a parking ticket. Offset’s lawyer argued his client paid the parking ticket and additional fees totaling $316, and he was right.

Offset posted $1900 in bail yesterday morning and went straight to the courthouse to figure things out. The court agreed that he did pay and also admitted that he was wrongfully arrested and in a few weeks he will get his bail money back. Wow!

He also got another ticket for his tinted windows, but his attorney confirms that the ticket has been dropped in lieu of the events. This whole situation is crazy and makes no sense, he should sue the city, take a look at the video via TMZ and his IG post after his release below.


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