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News: Nicki Minaj Visits August Alsina in the Hospital

Nicki August

Nicki Minaj visited August Alsina in the hospital to make sure he was doing okay. She informed fans that he is recovering and doing a lot better. The caption on the above pic that August posted read:

‘Aug, u know Im here to save you.’ She has to be the sweetest girl I know. #ASisterThatPrays -August Alsina

Nicki posted the below pic on her instagram page with the caption:

‘August, u know, I’m here to save u. still praying for my lil bro. He’s doing better.’ -Nicki Minaj

August Alsina Nicki

The image below was August just a few days before Nicki’s visit where he let his fans know exactly what was going on:

August Alsina

‘This is a bit graphic but i wanted to share this w/ every follower of mine. iWoke up out of a 3 day coma… &This guy @banggang_moneyteam right here never once left my side. What I’m tryna say is cherish the ones in life who cherish you & take good care of yourself. Your life can be gone in a split second’. I’m recovering well and thankyou for all of your prayers & concerns.’ -Yung

No word yet on when August will be released from the Hospital, but he is in our prays. #GetWellAugust