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News: Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Pose for GQ Mazagine

GQ Mag 1

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill pose in a new spread for GQ Magazine where they talk in depth about their relationship. This is their first official photoshoot together as a couple shot by Ellen von Unwerth. You can see images from the shoot and behind the scenes video below and read the full article over at GQ.

GQ: This is kind of a silly question but how normal is your relationship?
Meek Mill: Very un-normal. It still ain’t normal. You think so?
Nicki Minaj: I definitely think we have a normal relationship off-camera. We’re like any other couple in the hood. We’re growing as a couple and as people and as human beings, but we still have our careers. And I think probably the only thing that makes it un-normal is that we’re both successful artists, and that’s probably not normal. But other than that, our feelings are very normal. Like, if I were to speak to a hundred girls right now about what they go through with their boyfriend, we’d probably have stuff in common.

GQ Mag 2

GQ: How often does Meek ask you for…
NM: A kiss?

GQ: Sure. A kiss.
NM: All the time.

GQ: Well he can just probably just kiss you now, right? Without asking.
MM: Sometimes. (Laughs)
NM: Actually I love kissing him. My favorite thing about Meek is kissing him, which is weird. Just now I was like ‘damn, you’ve been asking can I kiss you a lot now,’ and it’s contagious because I used to be always asking him to kiss him when we first started talking. I love kissing him. I love the way his lips feel.
[It’s at this moment Nicki shoots Meek a look that can only be compared to a Marine’s wife seeing her husband for the first time after a double tour during war time, the kind of look that would lead to instant sexing if I weren’t there. Luckily Nicki kept talking.]
MM: Yeah, and wouldn’t you want to kiss Nicki Minaj too all day?

GQ Mag 3

GQ: You two seem to be two very strong personalities. What was it like in the beginning, figuring each other out?
MM: You know we were just figuring each other out. We liked each other. We were into each other. Once we learned how to understand each other, it was curtain closed. Everything was a go.
NM: People tell me all the time, it takes a special kind of man to be with a woman who has her own, and it takes a special kind of man to not feel insecure by a woman who is doing her own thing. You know? So, one of the things that made me want to be with him is we spent so much time talking, and he always made me feel like he was ok with me being me. As an artist and just as a woman. Obviously I’m a strong woman in a lot of ways… I’m not a strong woman in every way. I don’t want to make it seem like I am some superhero because I’m not, but I do know that it takes a certain kind of guy. And time will tell if Meek is that kind of guy, because it’s definitely not easy.

GQ Mag 4

GQ: It’s not easy dating Nicki Minaj?
NM: No. But I really respect that he was willing to give it a try. In the beginning he thought we could be in a relationship and I kept telling him no, I don’t think he was ready. But he has a very strong mind and he was very convincing and persuasive.
MM: You liked me… I didn’t have to persuade you. (laughs)
NM: But talking about being in a relationship? I didn’t know if he was ready. I was apprehensive about that.