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News: Fabolous Talks Music and More with VIBE Magazine

Fabolous VIBE

After recently signing a management deal with Roc Nation hoping to take his career to the next level, Fabolous sits down to talk with VIBE Magazine. Fab has dominated the music industry consecutively dropping singles and projects. Now, he has his new album The Young OG Project which you can stream in full here. Fab spoke with VIBE about his current music career and what he hopes to gain in the future.

VIBE: How did your business relationship with Roc Nation manifest?

FAB: Lenny [Santiago] was always my A&R on my Def Jam projects and I know Jay Brown from Elektra days. Even Jay-Z and Ty Ty, they’re all like family to me. But I got rid of my old management end of 2013 because I just felt like it was time to make a different move. It’s so long that you can just ride straight. You have to swerve a little bit. So [after we parted] I was trying to figure it out because I really wanted to build the brand, take it to another level. Roc came to me like we know what you do. We just want to build on what you do. I don’t just need management. I need someone who’s gonna come in and put some moves in place that will look bigger than last year.

VIBE: Has the Roc affiliation affected the music?

FAB: Not really. They weren’t involved in the project. What I needed from them was to come in and make my music connect in areas where we haven’t connected before. Just make moves. My whole 2015 resolution is make moves. I’ve been in this game so long I have to make myself a stable brand Whether it’s my style or my lyrics, I need to brand it. You don’t last in this game this long by just trying to come up with a hit.

VIBE: It’s clear that record labels don’t doesn’t have as much value today. It’s easier for artist to make a living independently. But you’ve always moved outside your label, never putting a ton of weight on your albums. Did you foresee the music business trend?

FAB: One thing I saw a while back was that labels are supportive but they always seemed driven by the release of the album and then you were left to carry your own legs of the album. Back in the days you’d be three singles in and your fourth single would be the Grammy single, the “We Are The World” kind of joint. [The label] would work your project. Then when the money shrunk it was all about getting this big first week. It was on you after that anyway. That’s why I got Roc Nation because I wanted to build my team outside of what the record label does. At these label meetings, we’re siting in there with my team, Roc Nation and Def Jam. So we’re attacking it like a three-headed dragon. I learned a lot of this from Clue and Duro.

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