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News: Camron Will Retire After Last Album Purple Haze 2 Dropping in the Summer


Cam’ron shocked fans yesterday after posting a video on instagram while visiting his late friend Huddy 6. The caption of the video took fans by storm when Cam hinted that he was retiring from the music industry for good after his last album Purple Haze 2.

“Fresh off da flight.. To see my brother.. HUD 6 told me lastnite.. #AChangeGoneCome last album.. #PurpleHaze2 this summer.. It’s been fun.. But HUD said we got other things to do. #Hud6” -Cam’ron

When asked if he was really retiring, Cam replied:

“Yeah. It’s a wrap. Time to move on… Movies and clothing are doing really well for me right now. I’m helping Mendeecees [Yandy’s husband from Love and Hip Hop NY] with his album. And…..I’m building a club in Vegas.” -Cam’ron

Well, most of us would say Cam is an OG in the game and has been around through many rap era’s, but we all feel like he was just in the midst of making his comeback. Hopefully, he only retires for a second and comes right back to the game like Hov… only time will tell.