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News: Koum and Acton Sell their WhatsApp to Facebook for $19 Billion

Koum Signs

Jan Koum signed the $19 Billion contract on the welfare door that he used to enter to collect his food stamps. A few blocks away from their headquarters, Jan Koum and Brian Acton inked their new contract to sell their messaging phone app, WhatsApp, which collected over $20 million last year! Sheesh..

Koum Acton Whatsapp

Koum came from a poor background coming to the the U.S. from the Ukraine with his family at just 16 years old. He worked at Yahoo after being rejected from Facebook. He then left Yahoo and created and incorporated WhatsApp in 2009. By 2011, WhatsApp was in the Top 20 Apps category in the U.S. app store.

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