News: Kendrick Lamar Wins 2018 Pulitzer Prize for DAMN. Album

Kendrick Lamar has shocked the music industry gaining yet another notch on his belt. The Cali rapper was honored with the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Music. The honor is in support of his platinum selling DAMN album released last year. Kendrick makes history as first artist to receive the award for a Hip Hop album. The award is usually given to a classical, opera or jazz composition.

There was tons of controversy from many classical artists but most thought the accolade was ‘overdue as it was unexpected.’ Take a look below.

‘To me, this prize is as overdue as it was unexpected. When I look at the Pulitzers across the board, what I overwhelmingly see rewarded are journalistic virtues: fact-gathering, vivid detail, storytelling, topicality, verbal dexterity and, often, real-world impact after publication. It’s an award for hard-won persuasiveness. Well hello, hip-hop.’ -JON PARELES