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News: Kanye West Say’s “There Will Be No Watch The Throne 2 Album”


Early this year, back in March while in Paris, Kanye West sat down with Clique for a very candid interview about everything from racism, a possible Watch The Throne 2 album to Drake being his competitor or sparring partner. During the 35-minute in depth sit down interview which will be posted below Kanye West seemed to be pushing forward towards the second installment of “Watch The Throne” where he partnered up with legendary Artist Jay-z.

Kanye unveiled a shocking discovery during the latest tour stop in Seattle as part of the additional dates added to his Saint Pablo Tour. He shocked fans when he revealed there will be no Watch The Throne 2 album as expected.

He says he wasn’t on the single ‘Pop Style’ because of Jay-Z, and the Apple vs. Tidal competition is the reason the album will not see the light of day. It’s a shame that competition between streaming companies would stop the project from reaching the ears of the listeners. but we are sure that both Jay-z and Kanye will be fine and continue touring, Could you imagine a Vegas residency for Kanye or Jay-z. We all know there is a lot of money to be made and consistent shows are what really bring the top dollars in..