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News: Joe Budden Wanted By The NYPD?

joe Budden

Joe Budden appeared on the the Channel 4 news to address the fact that he was not on the run. He sent out various tweets to the NYPD and Channel 4, letting them know where he would be after the NYPD tweeted a few days ago they were looking for him in a ‘Man Hunt.’

NYPD manhunt Joe Budden

Joe Budden manhunt Tweet

Joe Budden Dashboard Tweet

Joe Budden On the Run Tweet

It all started over a week ago when Joe Budden’s girlfriend at the time, accused the rapper of stealing her cell phone and driving her back to his house where she claimed he assaulted her. That led to the police looking for Budden but he says he turned himself in and his lawyers are now handling the case.

Update: According to Joe BUdden tweets he is in jail but says he’ll be out for the strip club later tonight.

Joe Budden Tweet