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Industry-101-Chanel-Rae-Jack-Thriller-Damian-Williams on microphonebully

Welcome to industry 101 with The Red Carpet Hero. This will be your official guide on how to make it in the industry. What makes me an expert you ask? Besides being a publicist to your favorite DJs, fashion designers, bloggers, radio personalities, reality stars, and recording artists, I also write for top magazines and websites. This column is here to help you build your career. Feel free to shoot all your questions to @pqchanel on all your favorite social networks!

Lets start our new lesson of #Industry101 “So, you want to start an online radio show? ft Damien DWI Williams. DWI is the founder of the famous in the Bronx, NY. has been thriving for over 13 years and gave personalities like DJ Spynfo, Raqi thunda, Maya the B, Dj SnS , Ty Boggie , Dallas Green, The Hip Hop Socialite, and more their start on radio. DWI has personally produced records for Remy Martin, GandPuba, Tony Sunshine, Fred the Godson, AG, and more.

1) Be Different – Know starting an online radio is difficult. Not only are you competing with other online radio shows, but FM shows as well. What will your show bring an audience that they can’t find anywhere else? Ask yourself, what would make you listen to this show and not others.

2) Know Your Craft – There is is a reason why radio shows have breaks, commercials and segments. It works. Setting up your show professionally as a producer would is the first step to progress. The next time you’re listening to Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, take note of the format.

3) Awareness – Sending out a tweet to your 200 followers or getting your family to tune in won’t grow your audience. Whether your show is relationship or celebrity based, you should be teaming up with companies and people that can authentically grow your audience. Don’t be afraid to promote your show and/or station locally.

4) Be prepared – Whether you are interviewing your friend, your pastor, and/or a celebrity, be prepared with your topics and/or questions and you will have a better experience. Nothing is worse than listening to a bad show. Once the listener leaves, it will be hard to get them to tune back in.

5) Location Location Location – Can’t get celebrities to come to your mom’s basement? Of course not! Nor will they come to a warehouse in the hood of the boondocks. Save your money, find investors, do whatever it takes to find a great location.

6) Know Your Audience – Test out different segment ideas and see what is working and what isn’t. Having an online radio show shouldn’t be just to say you have one. Set weekly audience goals and you will find that each week, they will grow. If they aren’t you’re doing something wrong. Find out and fix it.

Now for some insight from Damien DWI Williams of

How did you get your start?

I created-a home studio in my apartment back in the late 90s and I worked with my childhood friend Swizz beats producing and engineering local artists. I created an online profile to promote my producing and I was found by Jessie Jess Akinson to produce his first radio show Promo Radio in 2002.

What are the first steps in starting an online radio show?

1) You must have good production studio setup and good location. 2) You must have the skills necessary to produce 1 hr, 2 hr, or longer shows and patience to deal multiple personalities daily. 3) You must be able to handle business affairs daily and make it legitimate.

Number one rule for online radio shows?

Create a format that will keep viewers locked in daily/weekly and build a following. Always stay fresh and surround yourself with a great cast of team members.

Advice for new jocks?

Network! network! promote! promote! brand! brand!

What should today’s up and coming online radio shows stay away from?

Following how and what mainstream radio does. Being online, you have more freedom to be creative.

What makes one show stronger than the next?

Their show structure, following, and guest quality will determine how strong the show will be.

Broadcasting school? yes or no?

If you don’t have a mentor or your own setup to learn, then yes I recommend school.

What general career advice would you give any mentee (not just anyone looking to start an online radio show)?

Find what you’re good at, become great at it, and respected for it. Word of mouth will do the rest.

State a social media do and dont. –

Do – attend as many network functions and work with as many artist and brands possible.

Don’t – burn any bridges if possible you will cross many people and your reputation will be your credit card in the industry.

How can someone work for you?

They must have the passion for music and be dedicated to the craft. Email