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News: Freeway Announces Joint Venture Deal with Roc Nation

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Freeway has partnered with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in a new joint venture deal. He spoke with Billboard about the new situation which will allow him to release music under the Roc imprint via his The New Rothchilds label. Take a look at some of what he had to say below.

Billboard: How did the situation with Jay Z come up in signing with Roc Nation?

Freeway: We’ve always maintained a good relationship with Jay and everybody over there. We did the B-Sides concert with him — I think that was probably like two years ago. When I was there with him, I gave him some music, just continuing the grind and everything. He was f–king with the music, and everything was all good. So then when I saw him again backstage at the Beyonce concert in Philly, I was like, “Man listen, Jay. I need this. I’m ready! I need this.” He was like, “It’s nothing. Let’s get it done!” And that’s it!

Billboard: Really? Just like that?

Freeway: Yeah, he was just like, “Let’s get it done.” Of course, there was a process getting it done afterwards, just like it is with everything. But you know, we got it done. It’s such a blessing.

Billboard: Now in terms of making the music, what’s to come? What are the next steps? Is there an album, is there a mixtape, a single?

Freeway: Yeah, I’m working on finishing the album now. I’ve got so much music because I’ve been recording, and we’ve been in talks of having the situation done. So I’ve been getting the music ready. I’ve got a bunch of incredible music. I’m looking forward to dropping this first project.

The situation I’ve got at Roc Nation is we’ve got a joint venture with my company, New Roth Childs. Me and my man Scholito started this company together like two, two-and-a-half years ago. We’ve just been doing our thing on the independent tip. We dropped a mixtape together called The FreeMix, I think the summer before last. Then I dropped another mixtape called Fear of a Free Planet, and we’ve just been going hard.

Billboard: Can you talk of any features or producers on the project, and the ones you’re trying to get?

Freeway: Well, this first project that we’re putting out, I got my in-house producer, S. Frank, that I’ve been working with. Scholito is actually a producer too, so they produced, I think, three records on the first project together. I don’t really have too many big producers on the first project that we’re going to put out but the music is incredible. I got some crazy features on my first project. I got [Lil] Wayne on there, I got Lil Uzi [Vert] on there, and it’s a couple other features that I’m trying to pull together. Hopefully they come through, and it’s looking good. This first project should be exciting for the fans.

Billboard: Are we going to be getting that Jay feature?

Freeway: I mean, you know, it’s only right that if we’ve been working together that we give them something. I’m looking forward to it.

Billboard: Starting with the Roc and coming back to the Roc, what do you think is the biggest blessing about this homecoming for you?

Freeway: Just to be able to do it on a major platform. Since the split of Roc-A-Fella, I’ve been grinding. I’ve been able to maintain a pretty successful independent career, but you always want to take it to the next level. To be able to be successful in the way that I want to be, you definitely need the machine behind you. I feel as though it’s good for music. Period. For me to be back working with Jay again, it’s good for hip-hop, it’s good for Philly, it’s good for New York. It’s good for everybody.


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