News: Drake Buys Rights To UK Drama ‘Top Boy’

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If you haven’t seen the Netflix series Top Boy, then you’re missing a lot. The UK based drama was a favorite song many since its’ release in 2013. Well, now after praising the series for years, Drake has acquired the rights to the popular show.

Drake will also star in the forthcoming third season of the show, as producers are currently creating a significant role for the rapper. Ashley Walters, who plays drug dealing Dushane had this to say:

‘We met up to start talking about the show and we are working out a role for him. He loves acting, of course he wanted a part. He’s going to be really hands on and is getting stuck into it. He is such a down to earth, nice guy. He’s so famous you would expect him to be this crazy character but he’s actually quite boring, in a good way. I had a meeting with him and I brought all of my kids along. My eldest was chatting away in his ear for ages and he was just cool.’

Top Boy fans can expect a third series to appear on Netflix in 2018 with rapper Skepta also set to star.