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News: Chance The Rapper Announces The Twight Awards, an Education Awards Show

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Chance The Rapper has used his SocialWorks charity to give back to his hometown of Chicago in many ways. Now, he has even more plans set for the future of the local schools in that area. At his SocialWorks summit last Friday he announced the 20 public schools that will benefit from the $2.2 million his charity has raised in the last six months. He also announced the recipients of this year’s New Chance Fund grants live from the Harold Washington Cultural Center on Chicago’s Southside.

Along with his monthly open-mic night in Chicago, he unveiled the first ever Twilight Awards set to take place in 2018 hosted by James Corden. The awards show will honor teachers, parents, principles, and students that convey leadership in the local public schools. SocialWorks also gave away 30,000 at the Bud Billiken Parade last month. Take a look and watch the full summit speech below.