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News: Bobby Shmurda Officially Sentenced To 7 Years in Prison


Bobby Shmurda was in court today sentenced to 7 years in prison. The 22-year old rapper received a sentence of one to three years for conspiracy in the fourth degree and seven years for criminal possession of a weapon. The sentences will run concurrently followed by 5 years of post-release supervision.

The New York Times reported Shmurda told the judge he was forced to take his plea deal. ‘I was forced to take this sentence. I don’t want to take this sentence,’ Shmurda said. ‘I want to drop my plea.’

Bobby originally took the plea deal to reduce Rowdy’s time in prison. He has already served 2 years and will be credited for time spent. His lawyer Alex Spiro estimates with credit for two years already served and good time credit, he will be home in approximately three-and-a-half years.