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News: Bobby Shmurda Denied Bail For Seventh Time in Court Today

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Bobby Shmurda seems to have no luck at all when it comes to the justice system. He was denied bail today in a New York City court by Judge Abraham Clott. The judge claimed that he has seen ‘no substantive change’ in Bobby and is ‘satisfied that the case is extraordinarily serious.’

Bobby’s attorney Alex Spiro told The FADER that the rapper and his family are ‘frustrated’ and have been raising questions regarding why he isn’t being helped. Today marks the seventh time the Brooklyn rapper has been denied bail since his arrest on December 17th, 2014. The arrest stemmed from guns and weapons charges in which Bobby and his whole GS9 crew were arrested and charged.

The next court date for Bobby Shmurda will be February 22nd where he will go to trial for several charges brought against him. Last week in court, Shmurda’s lawyer raised questions about the involvement of some of the case’s arresting officers. We will keep you posted on the status as it becomes available.

via The Fader