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News: Action Bronson Blue Chips 7 Coming, Plus New Season of VICE TV Show


Action Bronson has had his hands full for some time now venturing off into different avenues. He took to his Instagram page to announce a brand new season of F*ck, That’s Delicious on Viceland. Season 3 will premiere on the VICE network in January with the whole gang back together. Bronson will be joined once again by Alchemist, Mayhem Lauren and Bid Body Des traveling to New York, Chicago, The Bay and Japan. But the question everyone wants to know is, where is the music?

After releasing his last single ‘Durag vs. Headband’ with his right hand man Big Body Des back in October, Bronson has been pretty quiet on the music side recently. But, sources say his Blue Chips 7 mixtape is indeed on the way. He chose to skip versions 3-6 after premiering a new track ‘Garlic and Oil’ with Mayhem Lauren in the Spring. This forthcoming tape is said to be one of the most anticipated mixtapes due out this year. But with the hefty schedule between show tapings and traveling, Bronson may be gearing up for a 1st quarter release. The mixtape was said to be done a while ago so no word yet on what the hold up could be. But, we can hope for a release this Christmas which would make for a great Holiday Season!