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News: A Biggie Smalls Hologram is in The Works

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The late rapper Notorious B.I.G. is about to be idolized in Hologram form. According to Billboard, ARHT Media has secured the digital rights to The Biggie Smalls Hologram.

The partnership between the Los Angeles-based company and ByStorm Entertainment, who handles the late rapper’s estate alongside singer Faith Evans and Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace, will helm the technology for the so-called “Humagram” of Christopher Wallace to perform in various capacities including on-stage delivery and music videos.

What sold Biggie’s family and estate was ARHT Media’s — “ARHT” stands for Augmented Reality Holographic Technology — innovative patented technology that begins with “the creation of a digital human, being it living, deceased in this case or even fictional,” says CEO Paul Duffy. “We have a very sophisticated transmission technology for beaming these digital humans through the public Internet to literally any point on the planet. These digital humans can scale to any size of venue so it can be in a window display, your living room or it could be in a 50,000-seat arena for a real-time delivery and display of this human hologram, that we call “Humagrams.”

The first appearance of the Biggie Humagram is a music video appearance for the first single off Faith Evans’ duets compilation titled The King & I. Faith also recently revealed a possible hologram tour was in the works. You can read more on the story over at Billboard.