Music: Willy Dope “Man of the Year” / Info On (@WillyDope) App

Man of the Year #DopeMOD

Willy Dope is back with another #DopeMOD this time rhyming over School Boy Q’s “Man of the Year” and taking a page out of the book of the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair by proving he’s “The Man”. Dope Game coming soon!

My name is Willy Dope, and I’m one half of the Hip-Hop group Par-City. I come from the Bronx, NY and have been involved in the music industry for a few years now. My Hip-Hop group has seen some successes over the course of our careers, and have had great support from our fans! We recently decided to do solo projects…No, Par-City isn’t splitting up, but working on solo projects is a way for GiF and I to each define our individuality and brand. GiF released ‘Small Fortune’ exclusively on in January, and I plan on releasing my project, ‘Dope Game,’ later this year. Alongside my release, I would like to provide another interactive way for you, the fans, to interact with our music! So, I’ve prepared a sketch for my new “Dope” Game, ‘Dope Game’ (bearing the same namesake as the project) a video game app that will be sure to be addictive!!! I need help raising funds to create this game, and publish it to the app stores. We have some of the best app designers at very reasonable rates, and want to bring the fans a TOP QUALITY product!

What We Need & What You Get

We need to get $4,000. Why? Because we are designing a BRAND NEW game from scratch. It contains elements of past video games and combines them into one “Dope” experience.

a majority of the funds will be paid to our app developer, he has worked on a number of very popular games currently selling in the app store.
perks for your donations include: free merch (cds, stickers, t-shirts, hats), appearance in Par-City music videos, a chance to spend the day with Par-City, an on-stage VIP experience with Par-City during a performance, and much much more!!! – VERY SOON, we will have a donation structure, to let you know what you’re getting for your exact donation!
no matter what we raise, we intend to put ALL funds towards the creation of ‘Dope Game,’ the video game app.

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