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Music: Tyga – ’40 Mill’


Tyga has been voicing his opinions lately regarding his label YMCMB which you can see here. But, regardless he drops new music via his own Last Kings label. The song called ’40 Mill’ was produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean, and Jess Jackson and is now available on iTunes. Tyga’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is set to drop in November, hopefully its still on track for release.

Tyga had this to say about working with Kanye West:

“I would always go to his crib or whatever, studio, just sit in, kinda learn and sit back and just analyze how he does things. He just told me to come to the studio one day and just gave me and Big Sean this long speech. He was just saying what it is, and what we need to do as young artists and how we just need to take control of this shit. We got the voice, and people follow what we do.”

“It was just real inspirational, He was like, ‘If you guys want me to help you produce your albums, and co-executive produce it, I’m here. I just want to help everybody.’ So, once I heard that, I was like ‘Aw man!’ Let me start!’ So I just started playing the joints that I was already working on and he started critiquing ‘em.”

“I started switching things up. Like things I wouldn’t even think about on a track, that he thought of, and it just switched the whole vibe of the song. So, just stuff like that and starting from scratch on other things. I think it’s gonna’ be good just to have somebody that hears music sonically like he does.” – Tyga