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Music: The Beat Hogan “Instrumental Project” presented by @MicrophoneBully / @BigBrotherBiz


Over the past 75 day’s Big Brother Biz also known as Beat Hogan Music set out on a goal to create a “Instrumental Project” while cooking up the Production for his “Pure” Ep. Today we at MicrophoneBully.com get the chance to deliver it to the people. The Instrumental Project by Beat Hogan has 20 instrumentals 12 of which have never been used or claimed by any Artist.. (This Means There Is A Chance They Can Be Yours) For and production request contact MicBullyBlog@Gmail.com Attention “Beat Hogan Music” .. Now take the time to check out the wide range of sound on this project. We are talking going from 90’s Boom Bap to Early 2000’s Soul Sample wave and even a little R&B and Pop. (Maybe Someone Was Trying To Prove A Point. Enjoy)