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Music: Tha Saint ‘I Been Down’ – @ThaSaint3

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Check out the latest music release from up and coming Artist Donnie Jackson AKA Tha Saint “I Been Down” presented by Elect of God Entertainment LLC. Produced by Carlton Wilson.

Donnie “Tha Saint” Jackson is one half of the dynamic Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop group, Elect of God (E.O.G.). As a solo artist, “Tha Saint” takes the filter off and hits you with whatever is on his mind and sometimes even freestyling on the tracks. You see a very raw and sometimes controversial artist who stays true to the Christian values that are at his core while touching on content in a way that lets you know, this is an artist who understands the human struggle.
This fearless southern style rapper delivers fire every time out. Due to writing almost entirely to music, Tha Saint is able to fuse many different flows together and covers many different topics in a way not currently covered by most artists today.

Tha Saint grew up in Florence Alabama, where at an early age he was writing raps, songs, and making dance routines. Music came as a natural talent to him which he used to express his feelings about things such as war and inequality. This along with other experiences led Donnie to go against the grain and join a group of hard core gangsta rappers where he gained firsthand knowledge about the sub culture of gangsta rap.

After seeing his rap group being slowly destroyed by part of its members going to state prison, Donnie was forced to make some hard decisions about who he wanted to be in life. Donnie decided to remove himself from the negativity. By the divine will of God, Donnie began to seek out a higher purpose in life. At the age of 19 he became a follower of Jesus Christ through the LDS church.

After becoming a Christian, Tha Saint saw no avenues for his new style of rap expression. His once hardcore fans did not want to hear this new stuff and the church which embraced him did not show the same affection for his rap music. This led him to quit the rap game in his prime and focus on pursuing an education and family.

With his life and family intact Tha Saint was content to live a normal life of work, family and church service. That all would change when he heard a beat that one of his new friends brought to him. This friend was recently converted to The Gospel and had a passion for Hip Hop music also. Tha Saint quickly realized that Hip Hop gave him that same feeling and asked if he could have the beat.

After obtaining the beat, Tha Saint went to God in prayer for guidance. Shortly after praying, he began free styling his first rap in over 17 years. A brand-new song and style was created in just over one hour. Tha Saint said “This song is my prayer over a beat and it just happens to rhymine”.
Now fully engaged back in the industry, Tha Saint is making an impact and has found a strong fan based for his meaningful new style. Tha Saint said he has learned “You don’t have to give up your gift to follow Jesus Christ; you only have to allow Christ to use the gift He gave you for His own will”!