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Tickets PinoyRing On MicrophoneBully

Pinqy Ring is one of the dopiest MCs I have heard in quite a long time … I would try to put my spin on her and her story but she is so damn unique that in my humble opinion, only SHE can lay it out for you! I will just say that she is one of the newest writers on The Hype Magazine editorial roster but with her lyrical skills, we may not have her for long. Her single “Tickets” with Bo Deal of Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Monopoly, is an exposé of those fake rappers claiming to be rich or ‘gangsta’ when it simply isn’t the truth.

Pinqy Ring is a high school teacher as well as a rapper…her students really get the best of both worlds from their teacher. Besides getting the 3 r’s, she can relate to them from a street perspective and as an individual out on her professional grind as well.

“I am me. An emcee. That releases her speech on a beat. No police or his chief can hold Misses Pinq to her knees. Woman, Queen. On her dream. On the scene. Welcome. Please, have a seat :)” Pinqy Ring quote from her website!

In one sentence, who are you?

I am Pinqy Ring, the Puerto Rican Chicago rapper, teacher, poet, journalist, student, feminist, lover, learner, college graduate and chocolate milk aficionado. (from her recent interview with The HYPE Magazine)

Hard hitting rhythms, deadly deliver and a natural ability to ride a track like a professional hobo rides a train, gives the listener one heck of a musical experience. This is an example of how Hip Hop should be presented, not that skinny jeans wishy washy stuff we get fed on the radio. Tickets, from her upcoming EP “Herstory” is unique in this day in age and Pinqy Ring delivers like none you have heard in years.

A proud Puerto Rican, Pinqy is determined NOT to be pigeonholed as a Latin Rapper…she wants and by her delivery on Tickets…DESERVES to be taken as a serious representative of Hip Hop…period. Rating 4/5 because nobody’s perfect. Enjoy!

Get more info on Pinqy Ring on her official website and connect with her on Twitter @PinqyRing



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