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Music: J-Izzy (feat. Lanz) – Lies

Check out the latest music release from a friend to the MicrophoneBully family. Today we bring you the new single from J-Izzy featuring Lanz titled “Lies”. We even got a custom video drop from J-Izzy (We hope you enjoy the record).

A Message From J-Izzy “What would happen, If today you told all your friends you were becoming a Rapper…

You might get a few laughs.. they’d probably say that’s silly and not to quit your day job over it.

Four years go by… you continued to stick it out and follow your passion for music even though most of your “friends” said it was a “silly” dream and not to pursue it.

With all the long nights, lost sleep, blood, sweat, and tears you put into making the production, you finally see the light and land a gig in the big city.

Now all your old “friends” that said you would never amount to being a rapper, start to see your vision that you saw back on that very day, when they told you no.”