Elementz foundation of Cincinnati, OH, (http://elementz.org) pushes through inner city blockades to bring global exposure for talented artists looking to make their mark in the worldwide music community. Joining their efforts is international pop sensation Telihana of Brussels, Belgium. Telihana, collaborated with Elementz students Gamm Lebeau, Nitty Morris and MC Forty, on a new music project entitled “My People”, the proceeds from which will help support the programs of Elementz. The single is currently available on http://telihconnectinelementz.bandcamp.com/ the official project site.

Elementz engages and inspires youth, unleashing creativity and respect, engaging them in performance, community development and leadership through the values of Hip Hop culture. Elementz programs are specifically directed towards inner-city youth, but open to all between the ages of 14 and 24. They specifically target teens who are in school, and help provide a safe place after school where they can learn creativity by “telling their stories” in the various forms provided by hip hop culture: audio, music, poetry/rap, dance and graffiti/visual art. For youth and young adults under age 25 and not in high school, Elementz provides advanced instruction and performance opportunities for those seriously working on skills in audio production, hip hop dance, MC’ing, Beat-making, performance, DJing, and visual/graffiti art.

Telihana Connectin’ Elementz: is a global effort to support youth at Elementz, a place for Hip-Hop and Respect, Cincinnati OH powered by the massive production skills of Joey Cutless (Alaska); Video production by MoMa Productions led by Ramon Swaab and Jacco Van Ree (Amsterdam) collaborating with Eugene Bivens (Cincinnati).

More information on the Elementz Foundation and their programs can be found on http://elementz.org.

“Let it not be said that the people of the world cannot move together in unison for the accomplishment of a task designed to benefit all mankind” Unknown Author

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