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Check out the latest music release from Cadillac Muzik “Brass Construction” Also Check Out Cadillac Muzik’s official website here
CADILLAC MUZIK BIOGRAPHY -Offering something for everyone and every mood, buzzing and rising Hip-Hop/Funk duo
Cadillac Muzik creates the perfect soundtrack to your life to crank up the clubs, serenade the
ladies, run the streets or hit the highway with your ride.
Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Cadillac Muzik is compromised of the two cousins
Caddymack Moses and Lil Scott who bring the smooth and luxurious style and sound to
theaspiring southern Hip-Hop group. Starting their music career in 2005, Cadillac Muzik is no
newbie to the music game and
faithfully holding down the streets of Texas with back-to-back block-burning singles. Cadillac
Muzik can easily be described as one of the brightest rays of independent Hip-Hop from the
sunny southern hemisphere of Texas and other meridional regions.
“We as Cadillac Muzik want to make the music we love and reach the world in a positive
waythrough our artistry and we plan to give the people powerful and meaningful music that
standsfor something,” the duo explained.
Cadillac Muzik’s image, creativity and artistry in general hasn’t been seen in the music
industry since the early days of OutKast. Inspired by legendary artists such as George Clinton &
Parliament Funkadelic, UGK, OutKast and 8Ball & MJG, Cadillac Muzik wants to follow this
line of greatness, becoming a legendary group on their own.
The Texas duo is what the music industry has been missing since years. Offering originality,
longevity, and creativity, Cadillac Muzik is more than music from the beginning to the end and
they have proven that fact time and time again. With a growing fanbase, every time the duo
releases a new single or hits the stage, Cadillac Muzik tores like a hurricane from coast to coast,
leaving a lasting impression everywhere.