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Listen to the latest exclusive music release from Ali Vegas “Porch 2 Da Public” Ft. The Rezza Brothers – Produced By Sha Money Xl 
 “Porch To DA Public” by Ali Vegas opens with musical orchestration to make any symphony proud. Produced by Sha Money XL and featuring the Rezza Brothers (Obie Trice), the piece is a solid homage to the days of the hip hop griot — much different than than the standard fare served in the genre today.
“Porch To Da Public” is a musical tale of working one’s way from the bottom up and earning your slice of the pie in the corporate world, this is a FAR CRY from the violent and often degrading images pushed out by today’s rappers. Ali Vegas delivers his message in what I believe will become a signature voice across the music industry for years to come.

Ali Vegas presents his lyrics in a strong soulful manner, which leaves no doubt about his heartfelt desire to tell this rags to riches story in a way that the images play across the listener’s mind in a visceral way. There is no doubt he could bring a “deadly delivery” style in his music but this smooth authoritative flow gets the point across in no uncertain terms.

There is something in his delivery that reminds us there is no need to scream and shout — if you are telling a truth that is undeniable.

Born Ollie Williams, yet better known by his stage name, Ali Vegas, he hails from Queens, New York and is founder of the record labels Council Recordings and Rich Soil Entertainment. After two failed deals with major record labels, Vegas frequently performed on underground mixtapes and established his own record labels. He is also a childhood friend of Lamar Odom .

According to his bio on, when South Jamaica, Queens, rapper Ali Vegas entered the New York hip-hop scene in the late ’90s, he was labeled as the next breed of poignant and reflective rap artists to follow in the footsteps of that borough’s important MCs, like Kool G Rap , Nas , and Mobb Deep .
Nonetheless, during the 2000s the hype and his potential shot for hip-hop stardom succumbed to record label woes, delaying the release of his first official album. Vegas was first signed to Columbia through hit making production duo Poke & Tone and their Trackmasters imprint, but was dropped once Trackmasters lost the distribution deal in the early 2000s.

The Queens rapper then signed to ex-Sony president Tommy Motolla ‘s fledgling Casablanca Records; however, the label became inactive for some time after its star signee, Lindsay Lohan , was moved over to Motown by parent company Universal in 2006.

In between record deals, Vegas was a regular on the New York mixtape circuit with various street releases and singles, which were sometimes intended as lead-up songs to his major-label debut, like “The AV Theme,” a Kanye West production sampling the SpongeBob SquarePants theme.

To avoid more industry red tape, he founded his own Council Recordings, but eventually wound up joining NBA player Lamar Odom’s Rich Soil Entertainment in 2006 as its flagship artist. After all the troubles and tribulations, he prepped his self-titled, solo debut for a 2008 release.

Musically, Sha Money XL created a music bed worthy of a great ballet orchestral production. Truly in touch with the rich quality of Ali Vegas’ voice, the instrumentation helps the artist ride the waves of the story smoothly and cleanly. I could ride to that instrumental and take a pleasant mental trip with no accessories needed!

Sha Money XL is the founder of Teamwork Music Inc . He helped bring rapper 50 Cent to the mainstream and has produced numerous tracks including “Poor Lil Rich”, “Beg For Mercy”, and “This Is 50”. After Interscope granted 50 Cent his own label in 2003, Sha Money XL was appointed president of G-Unit Records till 2007 . He has produced singles for other artists including Slim Thug , Cormega , Snoop Dogg , Busta Rhymes , Young BuckLloyd Banks |Juvenile]],(rapper)|Scarface]] and four tracks from a 2Pac album, Pac’s Life . He most recently became Sr. Vice President of A&R at Def Jam in May 2010 and Executive Producer for Big K.R.I.T. ‘s #1 debut Hip Hop Album, Live from the Underground and signed 2 Chainz to Def Jam in February 2012.

The Rezza Brothers two Italian brothers from Woodbridge, Canada, they’ve burst on the scene in the last three years as eclectic production chameleons crafting big sounds for the likes of Obie Trice, Bone Crusher, Krazy Bone, Divine Brown, DMC, Maestro Fresh Wes and Reema Major. Outside of hip hop, they’ve worked with the legendary Commodores and even scored short films.

With this new single “Porch To Da Public,” it appears Ali Vegas is ready to once again impact not only hip hop, but the music industry at-large. Written By Jerry Doby




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