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Music: Agallah ‘Kobe Bryant Tribute’

We all are feeling the sting of the passing of Kobe Bryant, Today HipHop Pioneer Agallah released a tribute to Kobe & GiGi, Listen Below. (Rest In Peace To Kobe, Gigi & everyone we lost in this tragic accident)

Agallah Lyrics: You know excellence is unmatched but the grind is legit work day in and day out we all hip I feel like we lost a brother we all grew up with Balling at 17 i seen kobe blew up quick Number 8 and 24 forever in the raptors Well respected in a championship fashion Basketball immortality 1 ring less than jordan The world at the rim history is recording Moet celebrations with the goggles on back to back A philly kid with laker dreams how real is that Gave the nba 20 seasons you all know the drilly Made two free throws when he injured his Achilles A man of principles you gotta admit it Break everything down to the small detail N go get it Dont leave any room for error be amazing Living for the greatness we gotta mold it n shape it Life is so fragile but we must stay devoted Celebrate his legacy for as long as we know it Fundamentals execution competed at high levels Keep hope alive until the dust settles The love he had for the game brought joy to many The city of los angeles hearts is feeling empty Poured out with emotions on the day of the grammys My condoleces goes out to all of the families This feels like a nightmare we wont wake up from Soakin in the loss even tho he scored 61 The drive to win like no other what set him apart Put your ego aside let ya skill do the talk The world lost a hero and his fam lost a father cant imagine the pain so i made this in his honor My wish like yours that we could all live longer Dedicated to kobe bryant and gigi his beloved daughter.