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Kevin Johnson, otherwise known by his stage name A.K.A., is a well-rounded and versatile hip hop artist from Seattle, WA. Nephew to P-Funk superstar, George Clinton, A.K.A. has had a knack for music since a young age. He began writing raps when he was 13 years old, and credits the majority of his influences to his uncle George, and the late great Heavy D. He released twelve mixtapes over a period of twelve weeks in the summer of 2010, an EP on Valentine’s Day of 2011, dropped his first full-length album “Resurgence” in 2011 and his sophomore album “The Array” March 31st 2012. He is currently signed to the Los Angeles-based label Itchy Music Entertainment, along with a select few other “urban music” artists from the Pacific North West.
A.K.A. is much more than just a rapper, though. He is a hip hop artist with visions of building an empire. He strives to bring back the art in hip hop with his lyricism and bravado on the microphone. His goal is to leave an impact on his audience, whether at one of his shows or while listening to his CD. He also speaks out frequently against, what has become the social norm of, pay-to-play. A.K.A. does not pay to have his music promoted, reviewed, or spun by anyone, and strongly feels that no other artist should either, regardless if it’s independent or mainstream. Because he is known through his word-of-mouth buzz in the scene, he has effectively created a solid foundation for the empire he is building, and has nowhere else to build but up. Starting in June 2012 on juice radio ( he will have his own hour long radio show called “Music IS Business” which takes and in depth look at the business side of the music industry.

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