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MP3: Cartier Hugo (@CartierHugo) “I C Ya” ft. Legacy & Terror (Clean)

I C Ya ft. Legacy & Terror (Clean)

MP3: Cartier Hugo “I C Ya” ft. Legacy & Terror (Clean)

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Cartier Hugo AKA Antonio Fleming grew up on the North side of Memphis
residing in the Bay with one brother and a sister. Tragedy struck
Cartier Hugo at a young age with the shooting death of his father Carl
Lewis Fleming, resulting in him being raised by his mother and
stepfather, the late Bennie “Doc” Walls. A known North Memphis Legend.
Cartier along with neighborhood friends recorded music on tape decks
after school while performing in talent shows in elementary school. He
grew up listening to local Memphis artists which were strong influences
towards his desire to be involved in hip hop.

Cartier Hugo migrated back into the music scene collaborating with
super producer Blackout whose collection includes hits from Playa Fly,
Snubnoze, and Tela to compose his first debut album 3000 Sh** off of his
independent label, YAE MUZIK.

In 2013 Cartier continued to push for his success which entailed DJ
Smallz premiering Cartier Hugo first video ever “50 Deep” on Hot or Not;
Receiving rave reviews. Taking that lead debuted the
video in supporting their local Indie Artists for the Memphis area. That
began the domino effect of others picking up the work of Cartier Hugo
such as Stardom 101 Magazine and Community Public Radio News in Newark,
NJ. This venture then took the Indie artist to the Hard Rock Cafe’ for
Memphis Music Monday’s performance of the 3000 Album. Taking this head
on brought much interest in the music industry resulting in radio
interviews and spins with the curiosity of who is Cartier Hugo? Such
write ups came from Unsigned Hype in the United Kingdom (UK); Danny Pinn
in Australia; Rebellion News in Indonesia; General Phlint in Los
Angeles, CA; Ambassador Moondial in New York, New York.. Just to name a
few. Radio Spins coming from Skylan with Spin Syndicate Radio – VA; Dj
Dange in UK and K-100 Radio in Atlanta, GA.

This lead to the re-release of the 3000 album snippet for the up and
coming re-drop of the 3000 album in 2014. As an Indie artist and
Entrepreneur and Owner of YAE MUZIK Indie Label there is nothing that
will stop the future success of Cartier Hugo. For the upcoming 2014 he
is looking to go on tour, re- drop his 3000 album. Show Performance with
Mixtape Atlas in Atlanta, GA in January. Heading out to SWxSW; in
Austin TX to CMJ in New York… Stayed tune for the full hustle and grind
of Cartier Hugo in 2014. Make sure you get the latest MUSIC NEWS AND

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