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Mixtape: @RheelieRheel “Henny Tea Party”


HENNY TEA PARTY Rheel third mixtape. Rheel invites you to pour up and have a drink as he discuss Rheel life experience through his music. They say a drunk mind speak the truth and with this project Rheel did just that.

1.You Should Know (Prod. by Hitman D)listen download
2.Under The Influence – (Prod. by Knockas)
3.Let Em Talk (Prod. by Claws)
4.Don’t Trust Nobody (Prod. by Claws)
5.Love To The City (Prod. by Hitman D)
6.Good Ol Days ( Ball ) (Prod. by Claws)
7.Never A Dull Moment (Prod. by Knockas)
8.Brown Water (Prod. by Hitman D)
9.Henny in My Cup (Prod. by Knockas)
10.Where To Find Me (Prod. by Hitman D)
11.Get It How You Live ( Prod. by Knockas)
12.I Don’t Need Them (Prod. by Hitman D)
13.Right One (Prod. by Hitman D)
14.I Ain’t Got It (Prod. by Hitman D)
15.Jewish Money (Prod. by Knockas)