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OnCue’s newest release, Can’t Wait. Cuey crafts an all-original free project while still maintaining his signature sound. Featuring production by CJ Luzi, 88-Keys, manicanparty & more with Sonny Shotz of The Dean’s List, and Mike Posner make guest appearances. Follow OnCue on Twitter @MyNameCuey. And on



4 Responses to >MIXTAPE: ON-CUE – CAN’T WAIT

  1. >On-Cue is working world – PAY ATTENTION!

  2. >Salute to On-Cue / Jay and the entire Tree House Studio Family, Keep Up The Good Work.

  3. >Good Music right here!!!! The title track is my favorite joint…. The tour was amazing, Can't Wait for the next one!!!!

  4. >The entire mixtape is an amazing work of art! I love every song. My favorite are Feel Tall, Better than before, cigarettes and perfume, Selfish, and Kinda late, but it was hard to choose between them. It was worth the wait.

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