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Interview: @MafiaTheBoss / A-Mafia Talk’s With @MicrophoneBully


Microphone Bully BringS You an In the street interview video with Harlem’s Own: A-Mafia. Talks about his Label and Entertainment Company, Why he would sign to 50 cent, What it would cost to sign him, New Moves etc.

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Interviewed by: All-Biz
Recorded by: All-Biz & Sky-Hi
Edited by: Cheen

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5 Responses to Interview: @MafiaTheBoss / A-Mafia Talk’s With @MicrophoneBully

  1. >Solid interview. As a DJ, I like to hear he's leaning on mixtapes right now. I would like for you to add one question to your interviews: DJs that want drops/hosting/interviews – how do you want them to reach out to you? A lot of your content serves like a A&R for some of us DJs #salute

  2. >my nigga bully good interview ima start checking for homie @mrsuperflyguy

  3. He had a lot to say and he seems to know what he wants!!! i like that!! Very interesting interview!!

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