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John Tanner is one of those rare artists these days…he has lyrics and knows how to deliver them.  Deadly delivery on the joint “Therapy” gives one a taste of just how serious Tanner is coming when he drops his project “Good Morning Mr. Tanner” this April.

John Tanner 'Good Morning Mr. Tanner

John Tanner ‘Good Morning Mr. Tanner’

Therapy” produced by J Gramm (Kanye West, Rick Ross, Mike Posner, etc.) is embedded in one of those sinister tracks that plays well with his challenging lyrics for this joint.  Sounding like a full fledged challenge to the “wannabe men” of the world, Tanner lets it be known he’s about to lose his mind from the wackness we are seeing everyday in the name of manhood.

Anybody who knew John Tanner ten years ago would tell you that he was the most passionate kid they had ever met. Much like the legendary Ray Charles, thirteen-year-old John Tanner lived and breathed music. Instead of doing normal teenage stuff with his friends, John Tanner spent all his free time writing music.

“That’s all I ever wanted to do,” John Tanner reminisced. “My friends would wanna hang out or ask me to ball with them, and I’d always say, ‘Nah, I’m going to the studio.’ Music was my life.( laughs) , it still is.”

Tanner’s new single “Surprise, Surprise” is a hot piece of work with a grown up track and solid lyrics and delivery.  Laced with HUGE visuals in the video for the single, this could be one of the hottest joints hitting the spring season!

Surprise Surprise” is produced by SAP (Chris Brown, Mac Miller, Game, Tyga, Meek Mil) is anticipated to be one of those songs that stand the test of time because of the stellar track and matching lyrical styling by Tanner.

Today, John Tanner is finding great success as a 22-year-old indie hip-hop artist. He just released his first single called “Surprise, Surprise”, and it’s getting a lot of buzz and media attention.

“I’ll be famous,” John Tanner once told his parents when he was 13. “Just watch.”

He stayed true to his word, taking the worlds adversity as a personal challenge. John Tanner is a name to remember, because he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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