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Jay-Z and Rocawear are launcing their own T-shirts like the ones we have seen people wearing to support the movement “Occupy Wall Street.” Jay-Z shirts will read “Occupy All Streets” but a lot are people are upset. Why you ask? Well, a spokeswoman from the Rocawear line has stated:

“At this time, we have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement.”

This means they have no intentions on donating any of thr profits made to the protesters of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. A lot of people feel Jay-Z is adding to the problem by making money off the cause instead of helping. What are your thoughts? Do you think the proceeds from the T-shirts should be donated?




  1. >If JAY-Z don't give up some of that bread he is str8 up stealing. COME-ON-SON

  2. >It's called using the idea in a creative manner. The fact that it does hit a "touchy" subject is why people will care even more. I would cop one and not feel bad. Better than purchasing a Polo shirt isn't it? When was the last time polo gave back?
    It's funny because most of the people protesting aren't the average poor class people. Most of them look like hipsters to me. (my opinion) While that doesn't make for a good excuse, ask them how many products that they support or have supported are part of the monster they are fighting against.

  3. >It would be unfortunate for them to make money from the cause without donating it back, but it wouldn't be stealing. Jay-Z is out to make money just like everyone else. This is called #FadFashion and will fade over time like Diddy's "No Bitchassness" shirts. It isn't something that will continuously be sold. To say he stole something would mean he took from another in which he didn't. He will just be making a profit off the money people willingly give to him..

  4. >It is natural for any businessman to want to capatilize off of a trend. I believe he should donate to the cause simple because his shirts were inspired by the movement. I don't feel he has to donate all of the proceeds because he has to spend money to make the product. We must all remember he is the face but there is an entire company behind him, therefore it is not souly up to him to make the decision. R.E.A.L

  5. >I Personally Do Not Think Jay Z Owes Anyone, Nor Do I Think He Is Stealing… Hip Hop As A Whole Has Always Been Its Own Entity.. It Wasn't Until Obama Was Elected That People Start Feeling Like What We Do When It Comes To " Politics " Even Matters… I Think What Jay Has Done Is Genius… Again He Takes Our Lives " Those From The Inner City " And Make Us Relevant With An Issue That Really Has Very Little Interest To Us Until He Is Tied Into It… Does He Care Bout The Money? I Doubt It, Does He Care To Draw Awareness To The Issue At Hand? Maybe… As A Hip Hop Artist I Think When We Create We Need To Think Bout Ourselves…No One Else Seems To Think Bout Our Community.. " HIP HOP " That Is…. This T.PARRIS

  6. >He gotta keep a small percent and give the bigger half to charities. He is a businessman people.

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