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Is Lauren Hill Being Evicted



Even though Lauren Hill has sold millions of records and is a multi-Grammy Award winning artist she is apparently renting her living quarters.

You would thing she would have invested in a few compounds especially since she has fifty leven children!

Word is that on top of not paying her taxes Lauren hasn’t paid the rent on the South Orange, New Jersey mansion she resides in since last month and the landlord wants to kick her and them babies to the curb!

Note to all even if you have been miseducated there is nowhere you can live for free!

Always pay your rent lest you be locked out and embarrassed with your belongings sitting on the sidewalk!

Story Below:

SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – Despite being a multi-Grammy Award winner, Lauryn Hill’s life is coming apart at the seams.

Already facing jail time after pleading guilty to tax evasion, now her landlord claims that the R&B singer and sometimes MC is a late on her rent, and needs to get out the crib right now.

Reports TMZ:

Grammy Award-winning R&B legend Lauryn Hill is being sued for eviction … the good news, she’s probably going to prison so she won’t need that place anyway.

Lauryn’s been renting a South Orange, New Jersey mansion since 2009.

Things went south when she stopped paying rent last month, so her landlord ran to court and filed a legal ultimatum — pay your rent NOW, or get out.

Lauryn hasn’t paid, so the eviction lawsuit is now full steam ahead.

Lauryn will be sentenced next week for tax fraud. She pled guilty and now faces several years in federal prison.

Nothing like moving from a big house to the big house.

Wait, stopped paying rent last month? Sounds like the landlord is thirst for attention. Now two months, different story.

Earlier this, Ms. Hill revealed in court docs that she didn’t pay her taxes because she felt threatened by ambiguous forces in the music industry.

Source: HipHopWired